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Registering Software
If you are looking to register the Palm or Pocket PC games Chromacell, Card Games or Card Games: Variations on a Theme then please visit the Software section of my site. Once you have registered the software, feel free to look around at what else I get up to.

Available in the UK NOW!

Project Tracker for Mac OS X
Project Tracker is an application for keeping track of the development of projects. It allows the recording of tasks, a diary of progress, bugs and a version histories for creating release notes.

Industrial Revolution for Mac OS X
Development has been completed for my uDevGame 2004 entry called Industrial Revolution.

Garden Pests OS XGarden Pests for Mac OS X
Development has been completed for my uDevGame 2003 entry called Garden Pests.

Chromacell for Mac OS X
Development on the Mac OS X version of Chromacell has recommenced. Please visit the Chromacell page for details on beta testing and providing valuable feedback.
Cocoa Puzzle Games
Real progress is now being made with my book on writing puzzle games in Cocoa for Mac OS X. Initial feedback on the work done so far is proving to be very positive. The book will detail how to write a simple Patience card game, Chromacell and a possible third game using the Cocoa framework via Objective-C and using the free development tools provided by Apple.


4th July 2005
Project Diary and Postmortem added for Industrial Revolution.

2nd July 2005
Added source code download for Garden Pests.

8th May 2005
First phase of the first major site overhaul in over 4 years.

Mac OS X games first section to be updated.

5th December 2004
Added Project Tracker page.

28th Novemebr 2004
Added source code download for Industrial Revolution.

21st Novemebr 2004
Added Industrial Revolution page.

9th April 2004
Added Australian Canyon painting.

29th March 2004
Added The Fraserburgh Fisherman painting.

22nd February 2004
Launched the CreateMacGames.org website for Mac game development.

10th February 2004
Added new Tutorials & Articles section.

29th November 2003
Home page overhauled.

Dedicated Mac OS X games section added.

Chromacell beta version 11 released for Mac OS X.

15th November 2003
The Lomonds Gallery exhibition opens.

28th September 2003
The Lomonds Gallery exhibition announced.

10th September 2003
Added Amsterdam Sunset painting.

8th September 2003
Added a Photo Gallery to the site.

27th August 2003
Added a page for my uDevGame 2003 entry Garden Pests.

29th July 2003
Dedicated Mac OS X Chromacell page added.

14th June 2003
Limited Edition A3 Print of my Storm Passed painting avaible to buy from UK Art Online.

20th March 2003
My expanded collection of Oil Paintings added to the website.

16th December 2002
Started writing a Developer Diary for Chromacell Mac OS X on the iDevGames site.

17th November 2002
Web site face lift goes online.

25th August 2002
Card Games: Variations on a Theme for Palm, the follow up to Card Games released.

7th April 2002
Chromacell for Pocket PC 2002 released.

2nd February 2002
A test version of the home page has been added for PDA viewing.

8th November 2001
Chromacell for Palm gets a rating from TUCOWS!

21st October 2001
Chromacell for colour Palms released.

9th August 2001
Card Games for Palm gets a rating from TUCOWS!